Final outcome and number of photos

- Generally we deliver about 50 photos per 1 hour of shoot for a weeding. The exact number of photos depends on the chosen packet collection, as well as the intensity of a wedding day - number of details, guests, program schedule list, so the number of photos can become higher. Your wedding photos will be ready in 3-4 months. In case you want your photos be ready in 4 weeks there’s added 20% to the price of your collection package.  You will receive all high quality processed photos on USB in linen photobox. You will also find there the photos printed on Fine Art paper. More details on photoboxes and photo printing you can find here: Service.  All your photos are archived safely in the closed on-line gallery - Pixiset.  You could share your photos with your friends and family with no problem and have an access to the archive any time suitable for you.

You can discover more about photobooks here: Albums & Accessories

Wedding collection packages

- Every package includes the shoot starting from the bride and groom  preparations till 10-12 hours coverage of wedding ceremony and reception. We are happy to adapt any of the packages to your personal wishes so that the photo coverage perfectly reflects your event. E.g., in case you plan the pre-wedding dinner one day before the event itself, you can always add this shoot to your package. For additional options please see the section "Additionally". You are heartily welcome to send us your list of wishes, and we can then discuss your case individually. 

Films and digital

- We use both film and digital techniques depending on the situations and your wishes. Film has special tender tones and blending colour  transitions. The ultimate time to disclose all  the possibilities film photography are morning and sunset hours. That’s why we suggest to start the shoot of bride and groom portraits 30-40 minutes before sunset. At the regions where the sun gets behind the mountains before the sunset, the perfect portrait time could be earlier than usual.  Both film and digital photos are edited and after being combined together are presented to you. 


- Maxim and I travel and shoot all weddings as the team. E.g., we can split up during a wedding day, Max portrays a groom while I do portraits for a bride. Max covers reportage, guests, shoots as the second photographer during such moments as a ceremony, a walk, the first dance, a cake cutting and others. Thanks to our team work we create more detailed story of your special day, missing none of the significant moments. 

Date booking and payment

- If you are ready to book your wedding day, we are happy to arrange a meeting with you to discuss all the details. If we are located in different cities or countries - no problem, we can always get acquainted and communicate on-line.  After the booking date is confirmed, the contract is signed and 20% prepayment of your collection package is paid, your date is finally booked.  The rest of the payment is paid on the wedding day.


- We use film cameras Contax 645, Canon EOS 3 and digital Canon 5d mark4 with L-lenses. We are always equipped with the reserve cameras and lenses.  According to the shoot conditions, we choose the equipment that suits best to receive perfect results.


- We travel all around Europe for almost all of our wedding projects. Last year we were happy to cover events in Italy, France, Switzerland, England, Czech Republic, The Netherlands, Greece. Our upcoming season already includes such destinations as Italy, USA, France and Spain. 

Wish list and timing

- After the date is booked, we send you the file with questions, list of essential moments during the shoot together with the list of wishes.  On the wedding day, please, put the rings, the dress, the shoes, the jewellery, the invitations and other accessories at the place where the bride and groom preparations take place. We spend about an hour to cover the accessories for your weeding. We would be happy to help you during the wedding preparations, time planning, as well as to share our experience with you. For us it is essential to know the time of every planned part of the wedding, this guarantees that every moment of your event is captured at the optimal light and time.  


- If an album was not included into your package, you could always order it later.  After all photos are ready, we ask you to choose 100 photos that present your story the best way to be printed then.  We prepare the design of your book individually and send you the draft of it. As soon as you receive the first draft of your photobook, you can introduce changes.  After your confirmation of the photobook design the photos are edited and we send you the final draft for confirmation before the production starts. You can discover more about photobooks here: Albums & Accessories

We are happy you contacted us! Please, feel free to ask any questions after reading this guideline.
Congratulations on your engagement and we are looking forward to meeting with you! 
Nastia & Maksim